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Keeping hold of the opponent’s right arm, the Wanorn boxers jumps diagonally forward and counterattacks with a powerful combination of elbow and knee strikes.

Amongst the many devastating actions used by Nak Muay over the centuries, a large family of techniques have been inspired by the agile movements of the Wanorns.

A powerful counter combination against a straight punch to the face. The defender counters the punch with an elbow lock and a knee to the body.

A spectacular counterattack against a power swing kick to the midsection.As the opponent throws a roundhouse kick aimed at your ribcage jump and spin around .

Muay Kard Chiek counter against straight punch with the rear hand should manage to deflect the strike opening the opponent’s guard to expose his vital points.

Muay boran combination of strikes can be executed both offensively and defensively. The defensive combination can be used against a neck tie and knee attack

Pao San Koo impact training drill shown here, the pad man makes use of the small mitts (Pao San Koo) like in the previous Muay Boran learning pills.

The head twist throw can be considered as the most dangerous maneuver a Nak Muay Boran can employ against a dangerous opponent (enemy).

The muay boran combination shown in this video is a Mai Rook Si Chawa (series of 4 blows). The series starts with a fake rear straight punch to the midsection.

This Combat Mai Kred can be applied with good results against a typical Boxing offensive combination. he first elbow counter is aimed at the chin.

Muay Boran Spinning Back-Fist or Mahd Glab Lang is a spinning blow with the back of the hand that utilizes full body rotation and a deceptive trajectory

Offensive combinations can be listed according to various criteria: in this series we will consider the number of strokes executed.

Sillapha Kan Tob Toh or the Art of Counter Attack. An efficient counter attack is delivered to an opponent immediately after his strike, usually exploiting a temporary gap in his defense.

Combat Mai Kred Counter against a Middle Kick What This application of the combat strategy called “countering on a counter” is used against a roundhouse kick. In this case the defender starts the action with a “half hearted” rear leg diagonal swing kick aimed at the opponent’s ribs. This kick is actually a fake attack […]

Muay Pram entry technique against right cross What The first Chap Ko combat strategy deals with entering the neck Clinch. A series of effective techniques to close the gap, grab the opponent’s neck and hit with knees, elbows and head must be thoroughly learned at this initial stage. In the video shown here, the grappler […]

Muay Boran throw against straight lead What This throw represents one of the fundamental strategies to take the opponent down when he attacks with great impetus, forgetting about correct posturing. In fact, when the attacker lunges forward carelessly, the defender has a good chance to evade the attack with skillful footwork and simultaneously grab him […]

Muay Kard Chiek hook punch counter What In Muay Kard Chiek, the fighters’ hands are wrapped with cotton ropes. Contrary to what happens with boxing gloves, the Kard Chiek boxer’s open hands can be used to attack or defend in many ways. In the technique shown here, an open hand stop is used to defend […]

Pao San Koo impact drill n.1 What In the impact training drill shown in this video, the pad man makes use of a pair of small mitts called Pao San Koo. The purposes of training with this kind of pads are many: in fact, they goes from the introduction of new techniques and strategies to […]