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Combat Mai Kred Counter against a Middle Kick


This application of the combat strategy called “countering on a counter” is used against a roundhouse kick. In this case the defender starts the action with a “half hearted” rear leg diagonal swing kick aimed at the opponent’s ribs. This kick is actually a fake attack aimed at pushing the opponent to retaliate with a “real” roundhouse kick. The opponent’s counterattack is skilfully avoided with a zig zag step and countered with a full power double uppercut to the chin.

Defensive action

The defender’s maneuver starts with a fake diagonal shin kick to the ribcage that is easily blocked by the opponent. His quick response (a power swing kick to the body) is dodged with a quick zig zag step. The defender steps out evading the power of the kick and then steps in towards the opponent’s exposed centreline.


At the same time as he completes the zig zag step, the defender explodes upwards putting all his body mass behind a double uppercut punch. This deadly counterattack is aimed at the centreline and follows an upward path from the opponent’s chest to the main high targets: the chin and the throat. This vicious blow, if properly executed, can knock the opponent out and, in the worst case scenario, can severely damage his cervical vertebrae.

Combat Mai Kred
After some training in the fundamental fighting concepts called in Thai language Mae Mai (mother techniques), all Muay Boran trainees are instructed in the advanced fighting strategies (Mai Kred) of Siamese combat. Every traditional style included a series of Mai Kred that the Masters of old jealously preserved. Those principles were meant to survive a life or death situation and were never displayed without a serious reason. The Thai word Kred, เกร็ด can be translated as detail. Therefore, these combat strategies are meant to add many detailed information to the basic concepts included in Mae Mai principles and are essential for a Nak Muay’s complete technical growth.
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