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For the first time after years of study and researches, it is possible to present to the western public a deep analysis of the most advanced and lethal fighting strategies of the Siamese tradition (Muay Thai): the Look MaiMuay Thai Boran. The Look Mai are the real “secret weapons” that every Bramajarn (Grand Master) of the past jealously kept, revealing them only to their most loyal students. If the Mae Mai (basic strategies) are for everyone, the Look Mai are for the elected; if the fundamental techniques by definition may be performed after a short period of time, the Look Mai are not within the medium student’s reach. Their domination marks out the real superstar the Art of the traditional Muay. In this volume you will find: the principles which are the basis of the most advanced Muay Boran techniques, the Physics of Muay Thai, the keys to interpretation of the cryptic language of Look Mai; furthermore, an analysis of the traditional Muay Chaiya and Muay Korat styles, offensive strategies and the Art of defense, the study of the vital points, the Thai traditional grappling. This, and much more, equipped with hundreds of photos and drawings which make the comprehension of the techniques much easier.

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Author: Marco De Cesaris
Editor: Edizioni Mediterranee
Pages: 340