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Combat Mai Kred video

Muay Boran techniques (Mai Muay Boran) are battle born skills that, in past Eras, helped Siamese warriors to survive in countless clashes with enemy soldiers both armed and barehanded. After some training in basic fighting concepts, Mae Mai (mother techniques), all trainees are instructed in the advanced fighting strategies (Mai Kred) of Siamese combat. Kred can be translated as detail. Every traditional style comprised a series of Mai Kred that Masters of old jealously preserved; those principles were meant to survive a life or death situation and were never displayed without a serious reason. This traditional approach to teaching and learning Mai Kred belongs to IMBA philosophy and all members follow this same line of thought. Mai Kred are presented in this video according to the “classic” classification accepted by most teachers in Thailand: every Mai encompasses several possible applications that are meant to put the trainee in condition to defend and counter against various attacks. Punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes, grabs: a Nak Muay skilled in Mai Kred techniques is prepared to cope with many of those vicious attacks and retaliate with devastating efficiency. 64 min.
Languages included in DVD format: English, Español, Français, Italiano
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