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Muay Boran Head Twist Throw


This technique can be considered as the most dangerous maneuver a Nak Muay Boran can employ against a dangerous opponent (enemy). The head twist, if forcefully executed, can cripple or even bring fatal consequences. An ancient wrestling principle recites: where the head goes, the body follows. When the opponent head is locked and twisted, his balance is totally broken and his body is forced to fall to the ground. If the opponent tries to resist in order to avoid being thrown, the neck could be broken.

Defensive action

As the opponent steps forward and attacks with a full power straight rear punch aimed at your head, step forward and parry the attacking arm upwards. This maneuver is called “opening” in Muay jargon. In fact, if properly applied, this defensive technique literally opens the opponent’s arms exposing his centreline to many possible counterattacks. In this case, the goal of the opening maneuver is to have access to the opponent’s head in order to seize it.


As you complete the parry and manage to get hold of the opponent’s head you should position one hand on his chin and the other on the back of his head. Hold his head with force and step to outside applying the traditional zig zag stepping pattern. The combination of the outside step and the head hold will force the opponent’s neck to bend and turn. The torsion and pressure applied on his neck will result extremely strong and the opponent will have no other option than falling down heavily.
The Thai Art of Throwing
Tum Tap is the ancient Muay Thai strategy of throwing the opponent and finishing him on the ground. In order to apply this fighting strategy, Muay Boran stylists must be skilled in defending attacks, getting hold of the body or limbs of the opponent, breaking his balance and slamming him down. Once the opponent is on the ground he can be finished with strikes or joint breaking techniques, according to the ancient system of all-out combat.
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