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Combat Mai Kred against 2-punch combination


This Mai Kred can be applied with good results against a typical Boxing offensive combination. As the opponent leads with a quick jab and follows with a heavy rear hand hook aiming at your head, block and parry the attacks and counter with a vicious combination aimed at his vital points. The first elbow counter is aimed at the chin. The second counterattack is a smashing forearm blow to the neck. The final counter is a low knee strike aimed at the groin.

Defensive actions

As the opponent steps forward and throws a quick jab to your face block the attack with the palm of your rear hand. The second shot, a rear hand hook or swing punch with all the opponent’s mass behind it can be neutralized with an outside parry executed while stepping into his centreline.


At the same time as you parry the opponent’s rear hook to the side of your head, hit his chin with a rear uppercut elbow. Next, swing the attacking arm down and strike the opponent’s side of the neck or collar bone with the outer forearm bone. Keep on striking with a third follow-up counter: use your rear knee to attack the opponent’s exposed low line. The low knee strike should be aimed at the groin or bladder for best results. Elapsed time for the whole counter combination: 2 seconds.

Combat Mai Kred
After some training in the fundamental fighting concepts called in Thai language Mae Mai (mother techniques), all Muay Boran trainees are instructed in the advanced fighting strategies (Mai Kred) of Siamese combat. Every traditional style included a series of Mai Kred that the Masters of old jealously preserved. Those principles were meant to survive a life or death situation and were never displayed without a serious reason. The Thai word Kred, เกร็ด can be translated as detail. Therefore, these combat strategies are meant to add many detailed information to the basic concepts included in Mae Mai principles and are essential for a Nak Muay’s complete technical growth.
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