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Muay Boran counter against Middle Kick


A spectacular counterattack against a power swing kick to the midsection. The traditional name of this maneuver is : “The queen Montho sits on the lap”. The name refers to the action of sitting on the attacker’s leg as a defense against a roundhouse kick.

Defensive action

As the opponent throws a roundhouse kick aimed at your ribcage jump up, spin around and thrust your hips forward. If your timing is good, you will end up sitting on his kicking leg. This maneuver will bring more than one result. First, it will neutralize the swing kick’s power. Second, it will hurt the attacker’s leg and third it will position yourself in a safe place from where to effectively counterattack


As you complete the jumping defense, you will be in a good position to counter with a back elbow strike aimed at the opponent’s face (temple or bridge of the nose). Otherwise, if you jump high enough, you could counterattack with a downward elbow aimed at the crown of the head. In both instances, the elbow counterattack can bring to a dramatic KO.

The Art of Counterattack (Sillapha Kan Tob Toh) n.3

Sillapha Kan Tob Toh or the Art of Counter Attack. An efficient counter attack is delivered to an opponent immediately after his strike, usually exploiting a temporary gap in his defense. Hence, the counter attack is not a defensive action but an advanced system of using an opponent’s offence as a means to efficiently execute one’s own attack.

For a step by step guide to Muay Boran’s Art of Counterattack: