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A Muay Thai practitioner since 1978 Master Marco De Cesaris has a rich and complex history in the discipline of Muay Boran. He has spent many years researching and teaching the true origins of Muay Boran and teaching it to all trainees. Like all of his books Volume 1 of Master Marco’s philosophy on the fighting art does not disappoint. It highlights the martial artist who blends his art form into every day to understand the true essence of Muay Boran.
Understanding the Key Concepts to Master Marco’s philosophy is the foundation of IMBA, a starting point making it very clear what is required from a Nak Muay and identifying their journey. Always learning and progressing towards a level of unconscious competence and grasping the level of commitment required to be able to delve into the many different strategies as outlined in the first of three volumes.
Combining the understanding and use of range, footwork and body weapons towards an opponent’s prime targets results in combat strategies that a Nak Muay can use with confidence and build on with many variations.
With hundreds of action photos, illustrating more than 80 strategic fighting combinations and techniques, volume 1 sets up a strong platform for the next two editions.

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