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Muay Wanorn counter against straight punch

Step 1

As the opponent lunges and attacks with a rear straight punch to the face, the Muay Wanorn fighter stops the aggressor in his tracks with a power straight kick executed with the rear leg. This counter blow is aimed at the opponent’s abdomen.

Step 2

Exploiting the opponent’s temporary loss of balance, he immediately follows up with a short forward burst. He quickly hops on the opponent’s lead thigh with his rear leg and on his shoulder with the other leg. After climbing on the opponent, the Wanorn boxer finds himself for a split second in a perfect position to unleash a deadly elbow blow to the adversary’s unprotected crown. This target is a vital point that if forcefully struck can bring to fatal consequences.

Muay Wanorn Style.

Amongst the many devastating actions used by Nak Muay over the centuries, a large family of techniques have been inspired by the agile movements of the Wanorns, mythological humanoid monkeys very popular in Hindu tradition. Hanuman, Ongkot, Pali, Sukrip, gave their names to a lot of powerful Muay Boran maneuvers that, as a whole, are called Muay Wanorn, the Monkey style of Fighting.
Wanorn or forest dwellers, are smart creatures that, in case of need, can go back to their reptilian brain very quickly. Starting from a very relax state, they can suddenly burst forth violently, savagely attacking the enemy, hitting from every direction. When they assail their opponents, they smash powerfully using their knees, palms, forearms, elbows, closed fists, giving their enemies no chance of escape.
The 5 main principles that characterize this style’s techniques are:
1. the Wanorn must be deceptive and unpredictable,
2. he must be poisonous to the opponent,
3. he must destroy his opponent’s attacks,
4. he must bluff the opponent,
5. he must scare the opponent.

Practitioners are encouraged to demonstrate all of those characteristics when fighting and when performing the solo Form of this style.