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Pao San Koo impact drill n.3


In the impact training drill shown here, the pad man makes use of the small mitts (Pao San Koo) like in the previous Muay Boran learning pills. In the video, the boxer makes use of an explosive combination of two uppercut punches aimed at the trunk and chin of the pad man.
The small mitts are without any doubt the best tool to develop quick and accurate punches thrown in short combinations, like the one presented here.


In the sequence shown here, the boxer applies the traditional defensive strategy called Ta Thaen Kham Fak to counter a straight lead.
Step 1: as the pad man feeds him a lead straight left punch, the boxer parries the blow upwards and catches the attacking arm.
Step 2: the boxer immediately retaliates with a lead uppercut aimed at the breast bone.
Step 3: without letting go of the pad man’s arm the boxer follows up with one more uppercut, aimed at the chin.

Impact Training on the Thai pads (Som Pao).

Pad work is unequalled as a mean to refine the combinations of strikes and to increase the explosiveness of each attack. Therefore, the use of this training tool should be included in every Nak Muay’s weekly training routines. By working on the pads on a regular basis, hitting with kicks, punches, elbows and knees, great speed, coordination, fluidity and balance can be developed and as a result, all blows will gain greater power. The goal is to have at one’s disposal an array of fighting tools capable of annihilating the opponent with the least possible number of blows, when the latter are properly directed against the enemy’s sensitive spots.

For an in-depth analysis of the various impact training systems, you can refer to the following free PDF book on IMBA website: