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This book is the first step by step guide to Muay Boran IMBA’ s Training System. Learning to perform Muay Boran techniques of any styles, without having the physical and mental attributes to put them into practice effectively is an unnecessary waste of time. Working out is a crucial element in the instruction of every serious Muay Thai Boran student. In order to be in good fighting shape every practitioner should spend a considerable amount of time working on his/her endurance, power, bone hardness, reflexes, flexibility.
Unfortunately in standard Muay Boran classes this aspect of training is often neglected in favour of technical rehearsal. In this volume, the interested reader will find the general guidelines for reaching and maintaining a superior level of physical and technical conditioning, as required for Muay Boran IMBA’s practice. The proposed routines clearly show how to blend harmoniously both modern and ancient training methods for best results in terms of real combat effectiveness.
120 pages – full colour

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