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Muay Boran Spinning Back-Fist (Mahd Glab Lang)


Mahd Glab Lang: a spinning blow with the back of the hand that utilizes full body rotation and a deceptive trajectory. This powerful punch can be employed as a surprise entry technique or as a swift counterattack against punches, knees or kicks. The preferred vital points targeted by Mahd Glab Lang are the opponent’s temples and jaw. As shown in the video, the spinning back-fist can be executed at close range with a forward step (1) or at middle range with a short jump (2).


Thanks to the unexpected movement before the actual strike, the punch comes as a huge surprise loaded with the full strength of the body rotation. Therefore, if used smartly, it is difficult to defend against. Furthermore, this kind of aggressive movement combined with the surprise element often confuses and even scares the opponent. When this punch hits the temple or the jaw of the opponent a dramatic Knock Out is often the dramatic result.


While watching the video, pay attention to:
– the preparatory forward steps
– the jump and spin, in the flying version
– the final body postures (bent over or straight)
– the body rotation/hip twist
– the head turning
– the angle of the striking arm in the two versions
– the trajectory of the striking arm in the two versions
– the targets

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