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Muay Kard Chiek counter against Straight Punch


In Kard Chiek fighting “getting to the opponent’s nest” (i.e., reaching his centreline) is considered the winning strategy in most combat situations. Against a power straight punch with the rear hand, the defender should manage to deflect the strike while opening the opponent’s guard in order to expose many of his vital points. If the opening-the-guard maneuver works well, a series of decisive counter strikes must follow at once: in the example shown here, a diagonal forearm smash to the neck and a straight knee to the head.

Defensive action

As the opponent steps forward and throws a power straight rear punch aimed at your face, deflect the strike with your lead hand and wrist, redirecting the force of the incoming punch to the outside. This maneuver will break the opponent’s balance, open his guard and expose vital targets such as the neck and face.


As you complete the parry, twist your upper body and rise your rear arm in preparation for the first counterattack: a heavy diagonal forearm smash aimed at the opponent’s side of the neck. The outside portion of the Kard Chiek (often adorned with extra knots) will add tremendous power to the forearm strike. For extra measure, grab the back of the neck, pull down and throw a straight knee aimed at the opponent’s face or side of the head.

Muay Kard Chiek, มวยคาดเชือก or bound fist boxing.

Bound fist boxing is one of the most dramatic forms of competitive Muay ever devised. It is not clear when Siamese boxers started to wrap their hands with raw cotton ropes for contests. What is clear is the reason why they did it: increasing the power of their hand attacks and defences. According to the most recent studies by the Cultural Commission of Thailand, Muay Kard Chiek became popular in Samai Ayutthaya (1350-1767), the Era dominated by the city founded by King U-Thong, even if it is impossible to determine an exact time. The most prominent regional styles of Muay had to adapt to fighting with cotton hand wraps: in fact, this style of competition was very popular and lasted for many decades until the beginning of the modern era of Muay which was marked by the introduction of Boxing gloves and the birth of the sport of Thai Boxing in 1929.

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