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Muay Boran counter against Multiple Punches


A traditional counterattack against a series of punches. The defender counters a one-two combination (left-right straight punches) with an open hands block, a grab, a series of knee strikes, a throw and a finish on the ground. The traditional name of this Muay Boran technique compares the defender’s grab of the attacker’s arm to a mouse that holds on and carefully walks of a tiny rope.

Defensive action

As the opponent throws a one-two combination aimed at your face, use the traditional Muay Boran extended-arms guard position and intercept the punches with your open hands. Quickly grab the attacker’s arm and pull the opponent forward, breaking his balance.


As you complete the arm grab and pull, throw one or more knee blows to the attacker’s midsection. Aim at the opponent’s ribcage or lower abdomen for best results. Your knee strikes will totally break the opponent’s posture, allowing you to spin around and complete a forward throw. Follow up by kneeling down, dropping your body weight on the downed opponent’s elbow. This knee drop will seriously hurt the enemy’s arm muscles and elbow joint.

The Art of Counterattack (Sillapha Kan Tob Toh)
Sillapha Kan Tob Toh or the Art of Counter Attack. An efficient counter attack is delivered to an opponent immediately after his strike, usually exploiting a temporary gap in his defense. Hence, the counter attack is not a defensive action but an advanced system of using an opponent’s offence as a means to efficiently execute one’s own attack.
For a step by step guide to Muay Boran’s Art of Counterattack: