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Muay Boran combination (Phasom Muay) n.3


Combinations of strikes can be executed both offensively and defensively. The defensive combination shown in this video can be used to counter a double neck tie and straight knee attack. This counter combination is a Mai Rook Saam Chawa (like the 2 shown in the previous videos of this series): the 3 blows combination starts with an uppercut elbow followed by a body knee strike and a head knee strike. The first strike is meant to stun and is potentially a knock-out blow. The following 2 strikes, a quick one-two combo executed with the knees to the body and head, are the finishing techniques.


As the opponent approaches and gets hold of your neck with two hands, keep your head up and get ready to counter. As he throws a straight knee to your trunk, push your hips forward and unleash a lead arm uppercut elbow to his chin. If your timing is correct the elbow uppercut alone can be a decisive maneuver (step 1). Don’t stop moving and take a side step pulling the opponent’s head forward and down. He will be forced to bend forward exposing his breastbone, heart and solar plexus to your straight knee (step 2). Once the knee strike lands, double the first blow with a second straight knee aimed at the opponent’s face or side of the head. This is a finishing blow (step 3).

Muay Boran combinations (Phasom Muay)
Phasom Muay is the Science of throwing series of blows. In fact, the best way to successfully reach an opponent’s weak spots is by using clever combinations of strikes. Each blow may carry the Nak Muay’s bodyweight behind it (full power blow) or may be a “mock blow”, designed to mislead and to open the way to a real, heavy blow. The way strikes are combined makes the difference between an expert fighter and a novice: the best fighters deliver blows in series, strikes are linked in a natural manner, flowing smoothly one after the other.
For a step by step guide to Muay Boran combinations please refer to the following PDF book available for free download: