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Muay Boran throw against straight lead


This throw represents one of the fundamental strategies to take the opponent down when he attacks with great impetus, forgetting about correct posturing. In fact, when the attacker lunges forward carelessly, the defender has a good chance to evade the attack with skillful footwork and simultaneously grab him by the neck. The throw is a logical consequence of the sidestep and neck hold.

Defensive action

As the opponent lunges forward and throws a full power straight left aimed at your face, step diagonally forward with your front leg while you parry the punch with your rear hand. As you deflect the straight punch “stick” to the attacking arm to prevent the opponent to bring it back and throw a back elbow.


As you complete the outside step, you’ll end up in a good position to wrap the opponent’s neck with your front arm and hook his front leg with yours. The combined action of your arm that pushes him backwards and down and your leg that hooks the back of his knee will take him down. Once he is on the ground follow him and strike with one or more downward elbows to the side of the head.

Tum Tap is the ancient Muay Thai strategy of throwing the opponent and finishing him on the ground. In order to apply this fighting strategy, Muay Boran stylists must be skilled in defending attacks, getting hold of the body or limbs of the opponent, breaking his balance and slamming him down. Once the opponent is on the ground he can be finished with strikes or joint breaking techniques, according to the ancient system of all-out combat.
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