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Muay Boran combination (Phasom Muay) n.4


The offensive combination shown in this video is a Mai Rook Si Chawa (series of 4 blows). The series starts with a fake rear straight punch to the midsection. The following attack is a lead swing punch aimed at the opponent’s side of the head. The swing punch is followed by a low roundhouse kick that breaks the opponent’s balance and possibly brings him to his knees. The finishing technique is a short straight knee to the face. Each attack must be quick and accurate, following smoothly the previous one, paving the way for the next one.


The two fighters are at long distance. In order to close the gap you have to shuffle forward while faking a low punch. This move will bring the opponent’s hands down and will allow you to pivot around him while throwing a high swing punch to his unprotected side of the head. After the swing punch you’ll end up in a good (angled) position to throw a full power low kick to the opponent’s lead leg. He won’t be able to rise his leg to block your kick because most of his bodyweight will be resting on his front leg. If your timing is good your opponent will be taken down (on his knee) and will be an easy prey for your finishing head knee strike.

Muay Boran combinations (Phasom Muay)
Phasom Muay is the Science of throwing series of blows. In fact, the best way to successfully reach an opponent’s weak spots is by using clever combinations of strikes. Each blow may carry the Nak Muay’s bodyweight behind it (full power blow) or may be a “mock blow”, designed to mislead and to open the way to a real, heavy blow. The way strikes are combined makes the difference between an expert fighter and a novice: the best fighters deliver blows in series, strikes are linked in a natural manner, flowing smoothly one after the other.
For a step by step guide to Muay Boran combinations please refer to the following PDF book available for free download: