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Master Marco De Cesaris has produced along the years a series of teaching aids specifically conceived for Muay Boran students. Those instructional media take the form of books, some of them translated in 5 languages, and dvds, most of which multilingual.

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Combat Mai Kred video Muay Boran techniques (Mai Muay Boran) are battle born skills that, in past Eras, helped Siamese warriors to survive in countless clashes with enemy soldiers both armed and barehanded. After some training in basic fighting concepts, Mae Mai (mother techniques), all trainees are instructed in the advanced fighting strategies (Mai Kred) […]

IMBA Muay Pram book By Grand Master Marco De Cesaris The Art of Thai grappling This book is a journey through the history, the mythology, the art and the science of the discipline of Thai Grappling. Starting from a detailed and rigorous analysis of the technical pillars of ancient Siamese Grappling, the author guides the […]

This book is the first step by step guide to Muay Boran IMBA’ s Training System. Learning to perform Muay Boran techniques of any styles, without having the physical and mental attributes to put them into practice effectively is an unnecessary waste of time. Working out is a crucial element in the instruction of every […]

A Muay Thai practitioner since 1978 Master Marco De Cesaris has a rich and complex history in the discipline of Muay Boran. He has spent many years researching and teaching the true origins of Muay Boran and teaching it to all trainees. Like all of his books Volume 1 of Master Marco’s philosophy on the […]

Buy your own copy on From a remote past, the ancient warlike wisdom of the Thai people comes to us. Starting from the meticulous analysis of an original manuscript, the author (one of the world’s leading experts in ancient and modern Siamese barehanded fighting arts) has systematized and updated the principles and techniques of […]

Look Mai techniques are the real “secret weapons” that every Muay Thai Boran Bramajarn (Grand Master) of the past jealously kept, revealing them only to their most loyal students. Real experts in the Art of traditional Muay use Look Mai strategies to counter attacks of any kind: punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes as well […]

“Combat Muay Boran” by Marco De Cesaris Combat Muay Boran is a traditional fighting style, original of Thailand, structured for barehanded fisticuff. Compared to showy fighting so popular nowadays in martial arts movies and demostrations, Combat Muay Boran’main goal is making men and women ready for all-out fighting. Muay Boran as it is practised in […]

Muay Boran IMBA’s Instructors Manual. Limited edition. For members only. (193 pages – Full colour)

For the first time after years of study and researches, it is possible to present to the western public a deep analysis of the most advanced and lethal fighting strategies of the Siamese tradition (Muay Thai): the Look MaiMuay Thai Boran. The Look Mai are the real “secret weapons” that every Bramajarn (Grand Master) of […]

Forgotten for decades even in the motherland of Muay and, in the last few years often used as spectacular movements to amaze the audience in shows and demonstrations. In reality, the 15 traditional martial principles called Mae Mai Muay Thai or mother (Mae) techniques (Mai) of Thai fighting (Muay) represent a technical, cultural treasure that […]

This new book by Marco De Cesaris, published in five languages, deals with Muay Boran advanced techniques, for the first time revealed in the Western World. The author produced four more books and 15 technical videos but never explained in details the technical subjects treated in this new book, as all the Muay Thai Boran […]

This is the fourth book by Arjarn Marco De Cesaris of Italy, but the very first written in English by the author (actually it is published in 5 languages Italian, German, French, Spanish and English) about Muay Thai Boran, the result of many years of work to collect the best strategies, training methods and traditional […]

La Muay Boran è la versione attualizzata della Muay Thai Tradizionale più completa e scientifica: nel suo bagaglio tecnico sono compresi i migliori elementi degli antichi stili regionali e tematici dell’originale pugilato thailandese, che negli ultimi cinquant’anni erano praticamente scomparsi dalla madrepatria della disciplina a causa del preponderante interesse per gli aspetti sportivi e commerciali […]

La Muay Thai o Boxe Thailandese può essere definita a ragione l’arte marziale del duemila:inarrestabile e spettacolare, ha avuto negli ultimi anni un enorme aumento di popolarità grazie alla sua particolare efficacia.Questo volume illustra le origini dell’arte, le metodologie di allenamento dei combattenti professionitsti thai e le tecniche fondamentali.Il presente libro è il primo libro […]

I Rituali della Muay Thai,l’abbigliamento, le posizioni di guardia:tutto è spiegato e illustrato con il supporto di oltre 200 fotografie, prima di passare alle vere tecniche di attacco (Chern Muay). In queste lezioni, l’uso delle varie tecniche è accuratamente descritto ed illustrato, in modo da poterle apprendere sia leggendo, sia osservando.Ogni tecnica può combinarsi con […]

The 15 traditional technical forms, Mae Mai or Mai Khru Thai, far from representing just simple offensive or defensive movements, are the essence of a complete system of fight, enormously rich and sophisticated. After years of research, Ajarn Marco De Cesaris has compiled the forms, methods and techniques in a new series of 2 volumes. […]

The 15 traditional technical forms, Mae Mai or Mai Khru Thai, far from representing just simple offensive or defensive movements, are the essence of a complete system of fight, enormously rich and sophisticated. After years of research, Ajarn Marco De Cesaris has compiled the forms, methods and techniques in a new series of 2 volumes. […]

A good Muay Boran expert must be able to use anything that can help him to overcome one or multiple opponents: flying techniques are a very good way to defeat even the strongest enemy. In Muay Boran almost every body part is used to attack while jumping: head, shoulders, fists, forearms, elbows, hips, knees, feet. […]

In this new DVD, Arjarn Marco de Cesaris shows for the first time the fundamental training form that will allow you to train the 15 basic elbow strikes of Muay Thai Boran, the most effective applications of each technique, the training methods and a special section of strike combinations. An indispensable work for combat sport […]

If you like Muay Thai but you don’t want to become a competitor, you like working out “hard”, but you don’t want to be hit “hard”, Muay Boran opens the door to a complete art through which you can fulfill yourself as a person. Arjarn Marco de Cesaris brings us Muay Boran and a new […]

Muay Kaard Chiek, boxing with wrapped hands, is the most spectacular form of empty hand combat used in the traditional Martial Art of Muay Boran. It is the result of combining the traditional methods of training to condition the tibias, knees and elbows, as well as hands, wrists and forearms, with all the sophisticated know-how […]

In the teaching section, you will learn the basic techniques Naka Bid Hang, Paksa Waek Rang, Morn Yan Lak, and Hak Nguang Ayara with their variations, their combinations, and application to the Paos (thai pads), as well as Mae Mai combinations. The video is completed with sequences recorded in Thailand with technical demonstrations of Mae […]

Arjarn Marco de Cesaris uncovers for us one of the lesser-known branches of Muay Thai: Chap Ko, the learning of grappling techniques, which complement the Thai arsenal of self-defense: pushes, “Chap Ko” grabs combined with elbow and knee strikes, “Wiang” throws and work to improve strikes working on Pao thai pads. Author: Marco De Cesaris […]

Marco de Cesaris, one of the pillars of Muay Thai in Europe, introduces us to all the possible ways to develop skills, strength and precision by means of training with gear and equipment. In Phasom Muay Thai we are shown grabs, “Thai pads work”, the correct way to strike… including ko combinations and how to […]

Master De Cesaris presents his Conditioned Sparring work out where we will study defense training and counterattack training based on 15 types of basic attacks and 5 types of multiple attacks (series of punches, kicks and combinations), with their corresponding applications to Impact Training with various kinds of pads. This video is an indispensable guide […]

Muay Boran classifies fighters into 5 large groups: fighters, boxers, kickers, “elbow strikers” and stylists. Assisted by Marco de Cesaris, Master Pimu illustrates for us examples of the appropriate techniques for each of these. Author: Marco De Cesaris-Pimu Production: Budo International

A real technical progression has arisen out of the friendly cooperation of these two Masters, that combines the most efficient actions executed standing up according to Muay Thai Boran (the traditional Thai style represented by De Cesaris), with Vacirca Jiu-Jitsu’s submissions (BJJ style taught by Franco Vacirca and his brother Demetrio), all mixed together with […]

On this video, for the first time and from the hands of Arjarn Marco de Cesaris, you will find a systematic approach to the use of one indispensable piece of training equipment, the heavy bag : you will learn, among other things, how to develop cardio-vascular stamina and muscular explosiveness in your arm and leg […]

Girati nel 1992 tra la Thailandia (presso il mitico Pinsinchai Camp di Bangkok) e l’Italia, questi primi video istruttivi di Muay Thai risalgono all’epoca “eroica” della Arte Thailandese nel nostro paese. Ogni video contiene un combattimento “d’epoca” registrato presso il Ranjadamnern Stadium di Bangkok. 1. I calci della Muay Thai 2. Le tecniche difensive 3. […]