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Forgotten for decades even in the motherland of Muay and, in the last few years often used as spectacular movements to amaze the audience in shows and demonstrations. In reality, the 15 traditional martial principles called Mae Mai Muay Thai or mother (Mae) techniques (Mai) of Thai fighting (Muay) represent a technical, cultural treasure that has to be preserved at any cost. The Mae Mai or Mai Khru techniques, far from being just simple offensive and defensive maneuvers, are the “distillate” of a very rich and sophisticated Thai fighting system. The author went back in time to research and study in detail all the elements that make up the “puzzle” currently known as Muay Thai Boran. With the priceless help of three of the greatest Thai experts in this field, Arjarn Marco De Cesaris has come to define the true principles upon which the warrior Art of Muay is built. The result of his research is revealed for the first time in this one-of a kind book. In this volume illustrated with 900 high quality colour photos you will find exposed all the fundamental techniques of the Art, the martial applications of Mae Mai fighting principles, the combinations of counterattacks, the training systems and for the first time the full solo Form of the Mai Khru system.

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Author: Marco De Cesaris
Editor: Budo International
Pages: 290
Full Color