Bare-knuckle boxing is the classic form of western boxing, closely related to ancient fisticuff. Our analysis focuses on bare knuckle boxing’s modern era, starting in the 18th century, when the first famous Masters of the “Sweet Science of Self Defence” begun to write manuals and to teach in Academies on a regular basis.
A Muay Lert Rit fighter can gather a whole lot of technical information from an in depth study of the ancient way of bare knuckle combat developed in Europe and more recently in the United States of America. Each bare knuckler had to be ready to fight opponents of all sizes, with no time limits and with a very little set of rules to protect him from physical damages (no kicking a downed opponent, no hits below the belt line, no biting, no gouging).
No protective gear was allowed and boxers’ hands had to be trained to resist the terrible stress derived from hitting full force the muscles and bones of a trained opponent. Moreover, from a technical perspective, bare knuckle fighting was actually a wise combination of boxing and wrestling: throws, strangles and locks were commonly employed by all fighters who mixed grappling and striking with great ability.
We all have a lot to learn from those ancient gladiators! The strategies and techniques of that classic form of boxing as a whole represent one of the last remaining systems of western fighting, and for modern practitioners has the same great combative value as Eastern Martial Arts.

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Imba Lert Rit – Bare Knuckle Fighting – training methods videos

Imba Lert Rit – Bare Knuckle Fighting – training methods videos

Imba Lert Rit – Bare Knuckle Fighting – training methods videos