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Muay Boran IMBA training system.
Develop powerful punches with the elastic band.

Becoming a power puncher is a matter of proper training: knowing how to prepare the body of fighters through a series of well-balanced exercises is the duty of a Khru (teacher) worth of his name.
One of the boxing-specific training tools that most coaches use to develop powerful hand strikes is the rubber band: an elastic band of varying length and thickness is all that a trainee needs to build explosive punches along with muscle resistance and stamina.
The rubber bands come in different thickness that correspond to increasing levels of resistance. A thinner band (or tube if the shape of the tool is round instead of being flat) is better for longer workouts aimed at developing stamina. A thicker band is used for shorter intervals and develops more snappy, explosive strikes. Both kinds are highly recommended for a complete workout.
These drills can be executed solo or with the assistance of a partner. In the first variation a short band is looped around the upper body of the boxer and, passing under his armpits, is gripped with both hands. In case a partner is assisting, he will hold the middle part of a longer band in his hands while the trainee grips both ends. If a partner is not available, the middle of the band can be hooked to a fixed object (looped around a tree for example) with similar results.
Start in your fighting position with your hands held high (near the sides of your chin) and begin to throw straight punches, left and right. The main point here is to combine punching and stepping: in fact, stepping forward against the resistance of the band at the same time as the arm is extended develops strong leg and hip muscles and perfect timing in the execution of a powerful falling step. Remember that punching while forcefully stepping forward (the so called falling step) was one of the “secret” of bone-crushing punches according to all-time great Jack “the Manassa mauler” Dempsey.
In the basic routine only straight punches are thrown: however, after the trainee gets accustomed to this drill, hooks and uppercuts may also be included for a technically complete workout.

This drill has 3 main variations:
1. Single punches. Left foot forward. Step forward and throw a left jab, come back in your guard position. Now step forward and throw a straight right, come back in guard. Repeat the process for the desired number of times (usually a 3-minute round). Now with your right foot forward do the same as before starting with a right jab and following with a left cross for one more 3-minute round. The number of rounds may be increased as the conditioning of the boxer gets better. The emphasis in this drill is in developing a single explosive punch.
2. Combinations of jab and cross (1-2). Start with your left foot forward. Step forward and throw a 1-2 combination, left lead and right cross; come back in your fighting stance. Repeat the combination for the desired number of times. Switch stance and repeat the whole drill starting with a right lead followed by a straight left. A good workout should last two 3-minute rounds. The emphasis here is on developing explosive combinations of straight punches.
3. Series of strikes. In this last drill your goal is to perform as many consecutive straight punches (left and right) as possible without stopping for the duration of one 3-minute round. While the legs work against the resistance of the rubber band all the time the emphasis in this variation is on developing endurance and stamina in the arm and shoulder muscles. Switch guard and repeat for one more 3-minute round.