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Three main elements are crucial in correct execution of a knock-out punch:
1. Timing
2. Accuracy
3. Correct body mechanics


Any strike that connects with the opponent at the right moment can produce a great damage. Footwork is a fundamental skill that must be acquired by every boxer at a very early stage of learning; in fact, correct footwork is the main attribute that can put a boxer at the proper distance at the right moment, so as to unload a powerful blow to unprotected vital spots of the opponent’s anatomy.


The chief points of attack towards which all power blows should be aimed are as follows: chin, jaw, solar plexus, liver. All of those points, if struck with the right timing, are capable of producing a knock-out, regardless of the size and muscular development of the executioner. Accuracy is a fundamental attribute often neglected by most boxers that must taken into serious account if knock-outs are to be obtained .

Correct body mechanics.

A powerful blow is the product of a correct kinetic chain’s application: energy must be “taken” from the ground, sent by the feet and legs to the hips and from there (the body’s center of gravity) to the shoulders. This is obtained mainly thanks to the body’s turning around its central axis. A snap body turning will produce an explosive launching of the arms towards the intended target.
When correct body mechanics are employed to throw the body weapon (i.e. the closed fist) towards a sensitive spot at the right moment, it is almost sure that a devastating knock-out will be produced. This is true for boxers of all sizes and muscular structure.