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Pao Phasom

Thai pads (Pao in thai language) are the most typical Muay Thai training equipment in use in all thai boxing gyms, together with a plethora of heavy bags, kicking shields and body protectors. Usually Thai pads are used by trainers in pairs of the same size; nevertheless, a very refined system of using Pao mitts consists in wearing a large pad together with a small pad (aka focus glove). Thai trainers call this combination of mitts Pao Phasom or mixed targets (one large and one small). This combination of pads is commonly used by a trainer equipped with padded belly protection in order to absorb straight kicks and knees, along with punches and elbow strikes. Most trainers’ outfit also comprises a pair of shin guards, in order to engage by attacking the boxer with low, middle or high round kicks. A body shield is also a good tool to be included in a pad holder’s “arsenal”: body strikes (punches, knee, kicks, elbows) can be combined with high or low attacks for an all-around training experience.
As for the Long Pads work (Som Pao Jiao), four possible kinds of exercises are commonly employed by experienced fighters when working on the Pao Phasom:
1. Single attacks
2. Combinations of strikes
3. Defense and counter maneuvers
4. Free style
In all kinds of exercises it is very useful to train accuracy in each blow along with explosive power. In order to do that, the boxer should visualize the targets he is aiming at, be it the head or the body.
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