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When the Idea of the IMBA World Day was born, the objective was to unite all IMBA branches around the world into a celebration in which for one day we make different activities to promote what we love; The Combat Muay Boran training, the system organized and structured by the Grand Master Marco de Cesaris. In Colombia the first and Second versions of the IWD were about training and to make a seminar with special content in order to reward the people joining us, we make hard physical training, camping, Technical training and examinations.

This year we felt a different kind of energy; we had the idea of making the same kind of event, but after thinking all about the premises, the weather we want to be for the training (we have all kind of climate conditions, landscapes, high, humidity, etc.) and after consulting with our dear members of the Colombian Family, we decided to change the format a few. So we searched for a place where we could strength our bond as friends more than focus in the training. The results? We looked for a demanding place for our training and We found a beautiful terrain to take a long and demanding walk in which we could go through a Mist Forest, an incredible view of the countryside and at the end of the road (at 3.500 meters above sea level) the most amazing view of the biggest Waterfall in Colombia the “Chorrera” Cascades.

We took a 3 hours long walk and after this we make Combat Muay Boran Training at the place refuge. It was a day where we realized how much the spirit of the Academy has united us during the time we have been working in this extraordinary project. We had the opportunity to talk about what each one has in the head about the experience of belonging to IMBA, not a Federation, not an Association, but an Academy, a place where everybody can find a spot; we don´t exclude people by their age, gender, weight, look or experience. We have a space designed and made for the people, and our fuel is the flawless working plan of the Grand Master Marco de Cesaris. So, this year we had a win/win situation, because we had the chance to train hard, to know how beautiful our country is, to take a revitalizing walk, and to fuel our friendship bonds. Without any doubt this IWD was about friendship and Unity, and these are some of the bases I.M.B.A. has its roots.