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Heavy bag training for punches

Any fighter who wishes to reach a high level in his (or her) chosen Martial Art must devote a part of his daily training to bag work. In particular, the powerful punches needed to knock out quickly an opponent on the street or on the ring are forged mainly through a regular and intensive training regimen of heavy bag work. The best punching bag to be used for hand strikes is a “short” 30 to 40 kgs. Boxing type heavy bag, hanging from the ceiling or, in some special exercises, fixed to a wall.

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The training routines may differ, according to the special needs of the practitioner: self defence, sport fighting, fitness or a combination of those. Each training routine must be tailored to the characteristics of the athlete; what may vary are the length of rounds, the intensity of training, the use of the various parts of the hand to strike the bag, the use of protective tools (bandages, gloves etc.).

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