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Rome is undoubtly a city to visit for anyone who wants to see the most beautiful architecture and landscapes, to taste the most delicious food and to know amazing people with an amazing language and culture. After I began training Muay Boran under the IMBA work program I always wished to come to Rome and to train at home of this beatiful Art.

Six years later I had the chance to come and stay a few days before the annual Gathering for IMBA instructors around the world. When I arrived and passed trough San Pablo square, the Roman Colosseum and other incredible places I was astonished by it’s beauty, but in a way I didn’t feel complete because this was not the reason of my visit.

The next day Grand Master Marco De Cesaris came to the hotel and took me to the gym to know the place and we had a talk about IMBA´s work at Colombia and the development of Muay Boran in America. After this I felt I was in the right place, and I knew the good things were about to begin.

but it wasn’t until the night when we met Arjan Maria Grazia Vallone to make a work session to condition the body to the high and weather of Rome when my mind felt into place. The warming up is designed to break you and to give you the second air to be able to develop a good technique during the main training. I met amazing people, kind and dedicated to help you get the best of the session. After this I understood IMBA has a Little Nation Inside Rome, The Muay Boran Nation. Full of the best people you can meet and led by a leader with out comparison, Master Marco De Cesaris, who is not only the best in the world but a Man who can extend his view of Muay Boran’s philosophy to all of his students. I feel ready to keep learning more and more and I finally feel like Home, here 9400 km away from my people; I know now, IMBA has not frontiers and its nation spreads for all the world in every Kay muay, expanding the most complete working plan you can find if you want to practice the finest art of the Ancient Combat System of Siam.