Muay Wanorn

From a technical perspective there is no doubt that the anonymous creators of Muay carefully observed monkeys and their way of fighting in order to steal their “secrets”. They are very intelligent animals, their way of fighting is based on the unpredictability of their actions; a monkey jumps, rolls, turns about and strikes unexpectedly from all directions. The legendary Hanuman combines all these traits, amplified due to his semin divine nature.
Hanuman Tawai Waen represents one of the the favoured attacks of the son of the wind which strikes with both fists whilst leaning forwards or jumping upwards thanks to an explosive movement of all the muscles in the body, from the arms to the legs. The Muay Lopburi style has made this its own technique developing it down to the smallest particular in order to make it a decisive blow.
Amongst the many devastating actions used by Nak Muay over the centuries, a large family of techniques have been inspired by the agile movements of Hanuman and have characterised Muay Boran. These actions helped Siamese warriors survive in countless battles. The particular techniques of which we are addressing are commonly gathered under the term “techniques of Hanuman” and they are all attacks carried out whilst jumping.
A good warrior, a Muay expert should be able to face any kind of adversary, be he alone or in a group and what better way is there to lead a flying assault carried out with the ferocity of an aggressive monkey in order to surprise and defeat with a sole blow the most powerful enemy or rapidly break through encircling attackers?
In Muay every part of the body is used when striking a blow whilst jumping: the head, the shoulders; the fists; the forearms; the elbows; the hips; the knees; the shins and the feet. Targets can be practically all the sensitive zones of the enemy, from the head to the legs. The various natural weapons can be combined and used in conjunction with each other (for example a knee and an elbow) making it even more difficult to block this offensive action. Only someone who has undergone a sudden, violent flying attack from a blow hurled from an “impossible” distance (from a very long or very close range) can fully appreciate the danger posed by these extremely effective techniques.

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the Great Wanorn’s technique of remedying one’s kick evasion by the opponent. With a quick body spin and springing up by a strong leg push, the expert can use the missed kick at his own advantage, turning the first attack into a powerful flying knee to the face.