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The core strategy of Muay Sakon is “hit hard and finish the enemy as fast as possible”. One of the strongest attack in a bare knuckle boxer’s arsenal is the rear straight punch. The puncher’s body weight is propelled towards the target and the hips turn explosively in order to unleash a very powerful straight blow to the opponent’s throat or face.


A Muay Sakon boxer knows that when the route is open he has to take the chance and attack the enemy immediately and viciously. The best option to score a clean knock out is to employ the heavy artillery: the rear straight punch to the throat, chin or jaw is one of the best choice, indeed.


A rear hand straight punch packs a lot of power: the legs spring forward, the hips turn, the trunk swivels around the body axis, the rear shoulder is propelled forward and the arm explodes towards the target. The result is a Muay Sakon knock-out punch.