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Java- Sad- Hok-2


Body punching is becoming a lost art in most fighting systems. Muay Sakon boxers train hard to become strong body strikers because they know the high combative value of this ancestral fighting tactic. Body punching is best applied as a counterattack against a head strike.


When the opponent attacks with a straight head punch he invariably opens a gap into his defence of the lower targets, body and abdomen. A good Muay Sakon fighter can exploit this opening unleashing a strong counter blow to the attacker’s heart, solar plexus or armpit. Expert fencers of old knew how to apply this same principle to combat with the rapier.


As the enemy lunges forward and throws a lead hand straight punch, slip the attack bending your upper body and simultaneously counterattack with a straight punch to his solar plexus or heart. If your knuckles have been conditioned according to the ancient Lert Rit precepts, your hand will inflict serious damage to the enemy’s body.