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Thai Grappling is a brutal yet very refined fighting system. As a matter of fact, all Muay Pram maneuvers are based on a set of universal energy principles. The technique shown here is one of the many applications of the key principle called Hon (hang). When Hon is applied together with a double neck tie and a vertical knee, it produces an extremely powerful attack.


When the opponent’s neck is grabbed and squeezed by the Muay Pram grappler, the opponent’s body is temporarily totally under control. If the trapped head is snatched down, the opponent’s balance is totally broken. At the same time, the upward knee strike’s power will be greatly enhanced by this explosive downward pull.


The Muay Pram fighter grabs the opponent’s neck, squeezes with his forearms and pulls down forcefully. At the same time he throws a rear leg knee strike with all his might aiming at the opponent’s solar plexus or lower abdomen. The resulting impact can easily knock the opponent down and out.