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A good Muay Lopburi fighter knows how to use his elbows to unleash deadly strikes to the vital points of the opponent. This Mai Muay shows how to attack with a downward elbow the head, collarbone or neck causing serious damage. The elbow strike can also be executed with a jump for added power.


Muay Lopburi offensive strategy smartly combine attacks with the hands and elbows in short, explosive combinations. The uppercuts are often combined with downward elbow blows: the upward motion of the uppercut punch blends naturally with the downward elbow smash, resulting in an extremely powerful attack.


This very effective Muay Lopburi elbow technique can be executed offensively as a direct jumping attack or in combination or as a counterattack against punches. For example, when the opponent throws a hook punch to the head, parry the attack from the inside, jump on the spot and counterattack with a downward smash to the crown or side of the head.