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This technique is one of the 11 advanced fighting strategies (Look Mai) of Muay Korat. These strategies represent the solutions to the most frequent fighting situations a boxer may face. The core strategy behind this move is to stop the opponent’s body weapon (straight punch) with a longer body weapon (straight kick),
Ta Rab Toi Trong Duay Tiip Trong.


Muay Korat is a very practical fighting style whose practitioners are trained to attack and defend scientifically. When the opponent’s body weapon is coming at us we can either stop the weapon or stop the body. In the latter case, the opponent’s center line (body axis) must be attacked to stop the opponent’s forward motion before the attack is completed.


When the opponent starts to move forward to punch, the Korat boxer throws a straight kick to the midsection (Tiip Trong Glan) to stop his momentum. As the leg is longer than the arm, the defender will keep the opponent at bay while simultaneously hurting him. This kick is to be aimed at the lower abdomen or solar plexus for best results.