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Muay Chaiya boxers are renowned for their skill in using elbows to attack and defend. As defensive tools, elbows can be used to strike the opponent’s body weapons in order to damage them and possibly make them useless. This technique aims at damaging the opponent’s leg when he throws a swing kick.


A Muay Chaiya fighter is very difficult to attack because his superior fighting strategy puts him in condition to hurt the attacker whenever he tries to hit him. Blocking a power swing kick is no easy task but with good positioning, timing and skill the attack can be blocked and the kicker hurt at the same time.


When the opponent starts to turn his hips to kick, the Chaiya boxer moves forward and attacks the thigh of the kicking leg with his elbow or forearm. The elbow should hit the leg muscle and not the shin in order to damage the attacking limb while simultaneously protecting the defender from the kick.