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I used to be a really skinny guy, with very few muscle development and zero technique. I was angry with the world, I had just finished a relationship, didn’t like my job, my family wasn’t reunited under the same roof; you could tell I hated my life.
When I met my Master Marco de Cesaris and consequently IMBA, I never imagined I was about to begin a new path full of challenges and hard work, but also full of goals an immense satisfaction. I met the most wonderful people of the world, I created a friendship with the most helpful people you can find and, slowly, I began to feel a part of something bigger than just “myself”…. A second family.
I have refined my technique, hardened my body and my mind and at any moment my childhood aspiration of becoming a great fighter and an instructor started to take shape.
Every time I put my head down defeated by the fatigue, I always said, “get up, you can do it, YOU MUST DO IT”.
There were moments of weakness, I’m still a Human Being but I never give up, I never bowed my head showing a total defeat. Yet at this moment I have to say yes, I bowed down my head, but not as a signal of defeat but, for respect to my teammates and for the shy for being in front of the immensity of Man who has given me a purpose; In the future I would be happy if I just could have a tenth part of his skill and empathy.
But this future, despite of conquering and show the Tenth Khan as an assistant instructor, is still far away, I have much more to learn and to technically refine, and everything has being so beautiful because it means I can improve again and again.
For this the only thing I can say for now, smiling and perhaps overwhelmed is just … Thank you, thank you infinitely.