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Combat Muay Boran stylists are expert knee fighters. They learn to strike with their knees from long, middle and short range. When they attack with their knees at middle range, they tend to trap the opponent’s arms before striking. This Mai Muay is an excellent application of the tactic: trap the hands to strike with the knee.


When the fighters are at middle range, the strongest weapon that can be employed is the punch. However, with a clever trapping work, knee blows become a deadly weapon in the Combat Muay Boran fighter’s arsenal, even at this range.


You can execute this Combat Muay Boran technique both offensively (stepping forward and trapping the arms pre-emptively) and defensively. In defending a punch to the head you have to parry the attack from the inside, open the opponent’s guard, pull the trapped arm and counter attack with a powerful straight or diagonal knee to the ribcage.