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A Combat Muay Boran stylist employs defensive and offensive strategies with equal skill. Sometimes he start a counterattack by first stopping the opponent’s offence with hard blocks aimed at hurting the attacking limb in order to counter with greater ease. Against a roundhouse body kick, a very effective defence consists in blocking the attack with the knee or upper part of the shinbone.


When the opponent attacks with a full power swing kick and the instep impacts against the knee of the Combat Muay Boran boxer, chances are that the attacker’s leg gets severely damaged. For this reason, hard blocks are often used to stop oncoming blows, hurting the attacking limb and paving the way to a strong counterattack.


To apply this Combat Muay Boran defensive strategy, as the opponent kicks with his left leg, raise your right leg keeping it fully bent. Your body must be well balanced on your supporting leg that should be kept straight. Don’t forget to keep a tight guard with your arms. In fact, the opponent’s kick could be a fake (aimed at opening your high line) or could be followed by head punches.