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A Master in every sense of the word!

by Maritza Gamboa
The IMBA International Academy never stops; Our Director and the Founder of IMBA, Bramarjarn Marco de Cesaris, is always moving forward and constantly promoting activities around his academies worldwide. At our IMBA school in Colombia, we take his example by continually working and studying to be at the forefront of his teachings. On several occasions, we, the instructors in Colombia, have participated in direct training with GM Marco, either in person in Italy and Mexico or virtually (through webinars and on-line classes), and it has always been a privilege to be in the presence of the Grand Master.


Personally, when I watch Master Marco’s videos, I learn from his precise, fluid, extended and strong movements. When I read his books, I know about the history of the Art and the reading takes me to the depths of the martial concepts. Reading his articles, in which he shares part of his personal experiences, connects me with his passion for the Art and I learn from the story of his life. Still, when I am in-person in one of his training sessions or in a meeting with him, the energy he transmits is so unique that it is difficult to explain. It is a powerful and transformative energy, a contagious energy that inspires and, at the same time, radiates love for his Art, his Academy, and his students.

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I have been practicing this Art at the IMBA Academy for 13 years now, and during this time, I have noticed that GM Marco is increasingly improving himself. Physically, he is increasingly imposing, technically he is synonymous with perfection: not in vain does he indicate that studying Muay Boran means training to achieve the Perfect Form and as a consequence improve fighting efficiency, and I can confirm he has achieved that. Moreover, in terms of martial knowledge, one is overwhelmed with the prowess and versatility he has in all styles of Muay.
The most recent IMBA Pan American Congress for instructors in Mexico that the Grand Master was involved in, as always, exceeded all our expectations. For me, it had a special touch because, on that occasion, we were fortunate to attend the Congress with a delegation of ten students from our Academy in Colombia, nine of whom were going to meet the Master for the first time. I was completely overcome with emotion when I saw the reaction of our students to his presence and when I heard their thoughts about what they experienced during the entire congress. In fact, all our students agreed that working directly with the Master is one of the best experiences they have had in their entire Martial life. It fully expanded their vision of Muay and indicated that they perfectly understood the deep feeling that Juan and I have for the Master and his work. And the thing is that both of us, as instructors in Colombia, are trying to transmit the knowledge received from him in the most faithful way, obviously from our level. However, what we best transmit to our students with great pride is our feeling of respect, affection, and admiration for him and our great passion for his work and his Art.

IMBA’s Muay Boran style is based on three theoretical pillars: Spirit, Science, and Art. In my martial life, I added one more triangle: Love, Inspiration, and Passion for Art. Muay Boran IMBA is so well structured, and the Master’s vision is so precise that it is not only designed for real combat, to prepare men and women to physical fighting but to prepare us for daily life and, above all for fighting against our demons. So how not to fall in love with his Art and respect it if it is so beautiful, how not to be inspired by having the Master as an example of life in every sense and how not to be passionate about his teachings if they are so accurate!
In Mexico City, in our last meeting with the Master, at the time of our leave I told him that when I thought about all the things I had to say to him, they all came together in one word: a huge THANK YOU, and I reiterate it Master, thank you for teaching us all your knowledge, thank you for giving us a large part of your time, thank you for the dedication you put in your videos and your writings, thank you for the way you teach us, thank you for correcting us, thank you for showing us your discipline, thank you for your great support, thank you for helping me see my path more clearly. But above all, thank you Master for infecting us with your passion for the Art, a passion that is so special that I would dare to say that it has led you to become the Art itself.


Information about IMBA Colombia.
The Colombian branch of IMBA is one of most active, both locally and internationally. The founders, Khru Juan Carlos Duran and Maritza Gamboa are long time students of Master Marco. Along the years they greatly contributed to spreading Muay Boran IMBA throughout Latin America.
Founded in the year 2010
Local branches: Bogotá, and Ibagué (Tolima).
Board of directors:
Khru Juan Carlos Duran: IMBA National Representative and Technical Director
Maritza Gamboa: Director Warrior Ladies Colombia