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The Academy of Muay Thai Boran Ramakien is the home of the International Muay Boran Academy I.M.B.A. In colombia. 7 days a week we breathe Muay Thai from the perspective of traditional practice that Combat Muay Boran can offer. The detailed work plan that teaches the Grand Master Marco de Cesaris through the school is full of technical gestures that only can be learned living practice closely and rigorously studying elements such as Den Muay (footwork), Lolo loplik (Deceit and evasion) and other elements that make the competitor a varied and versatile athlete.

When it’s time to practice Combat Muay Boran, the air in the School takes a new feature of solemnity; The Muay Thai informality becomes studious and dedicated practice of Combat Arts and students as they learn are changing their perspective of Muay Boran. It becomes clear that the technique is not for show, on the contrary is geared 100% to actual combat inside or outside the ring and beyond that provides a format that gives the practitioner mental calm, structure and harmony between the physical, mental and spiritual development.
The Combat Muay Boran Triangle is composed of the Spirit, the Science and Art; each one finds its expression during practice and IMBA Colombia’s goal is to promote the understanding of these three pillars. That is the reason we always feed the concept of respecting the traditions and to understand the history and evolution of Combat Arts; during practice we seek to develop the combat efficiency (speed, mass transfer, hip twist, etc.), and every day we evaluate and we look for the perfection of every movement in terms of coordination, symmetry, cardiovascular endurance and harmonious relationship between mind and body.
It is useless to feed the body and to develop physical strength if mentally you do not have tranquility and equanimity; Combat Muay Boran practice allows to develop emotional calm too; As he grows each student shows a better balance in their daily lives, their emotions become placid and well as training the body acquires explosiveness and disposition towards the impact and natural body weapons are sharpened, mind and emotions are soothed allowing the Nak Muay to have a better understanding of the full picture of why it is good practice to train martial beyond a sport.

Khru Juan Carlos Duran
IMBA Colombia