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Muay Wanorn boxers are renowned for being ferocious fighters. They use whatever it takes to subdue their opponents. This aggressive leaping technique can be employed to attack the enemy’s backbone from behind with devastating results.


One of the key principles that Muay Wanorn fighters adhere to is “whenever possible, take the opponent’s back”. As a matter of fact, if a fighter manages to take the opponent’s back, he can attack with impunity, without fear of being countered.


This jumping knee strike can be used as a lead or as a counterattack. When it is employed as a counterattack, the Muay Wanorn boxer waits for the opponent’s offence. When the enemy throws a high swing kick, he sinks down and let the attacking leg pass above his head. Exploiting the attacker’s loss of balance, he quickly jumps diagonally upward, kneeing the opponent’s backbone.