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Muay Wanorn is a brutal style of fighting: strikes, throws and joint breaking techniques are all part of its technical background. This Mai Muay belongs to the third category: catching and breaking the opponent’s arms, legs, neck or even spine. A standing back-breaking hold like this one can cause serious damage.


When a Muay Wanorn stylist closes the gap with the opponent, he immediately switches from striking mode to grappling mode. Getting hold of one of the 2 main targets (the neck or waist) becomes his core strategy. Once the waist is locked and squeezed, a dangerous spine lock is the logical consequence.


This Muay Wanorn technique can be applied as an offensive or defensive maneuver. In the second case, it is used as a quick counter against a double neck tie: the arms of the opponent are pushed upwards opening the belt line to a powerful body hold. Pushing forward with the upper body and squeezing hard causes the opponent’s spine to bend backward.