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Erawan- Soei- Nga


Short uppercut. This Muay Sakon technique is one of the most effective short range strikes that can be employed both offensively and defensively. The close distance from the enemy and the short upward path make this strike extremely dangerous. If it is aimed at the throat it can be lethal.


Muay Sakon practitioners learn to throw upward punches at a very early stage of their instruction. The powerful leg muscles and the swing of the upper body contribute to the strenght of these deceptive blows. Similar angles of attack were often used in sword fighting as counterattack maneuvers.


Short uppercuts are typical counterattack weapons. When the opponent starts the offensive with wide swings he gives the Muay Sakon stylist a great chance to employ a short uppercut to put a quick end to the fight. If the punch connects with the enemy’s chin, a knock out is usually the outcome. If it hits the throat it can be a death-shot.