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The technique shown here is one of the typical multi-purpose maneuvers of traditional Thai martial arts. In fact, Dtad Mala is both a defensive and an offensive technique. In Muay Lert Rit it is applied as a counter against attacks to the head or as a vicious pre-emptive elbow strike aimed at the throat or face of the enemy.


When the arm is bent and the tip of the elbow is aimed forward at chin level, the Lert Rit stylist’s elbow becomes a sort of awl capable of inflicting serious damage to the opponent’s face.


Once the arm is properly bent with the palm of the hand touching the ear, the Lert Rit fighter’s elbow is ready to be used as an ice pick to attack the enemy’s throat or eye balls. If the opponent’s wrist is grabbed and the arm is pulled, the power of the elbow strike will be greatly enhanced causing more damage to the targeted vital points.