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Muay Korat is a deadly long range fighting system. Although Korat boxers know how to fight at middle and short range, they prefer to stay away from the opponent and destroy him with powerful long range strikes. The most powerful weapon employed at long range is the Korat swing kick to the neck (Tae Ken Ko).


This Muay Korat leg attack is difficult to defend, packs a lot of power and it usually targets a very sensitive area of the opponent’s body. A single diagonal swing kick that sneaks past the opponent’s defence and reaches the neck or jaw hinge is a real kill shot.


This Muay Korat offensive technique is often employed as a lead strike. The leg can follows a diagonal path to the target (usually the neck) or a vertical path (when the kick is aimed at the jaw or chin). The power comes from the hips and is explosively transferred to the attacking leg.