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Muay Korat boxers know how to fight at any range: short, middle or long. When the opponent is at middle range and attacks with a straight punch, one of the most effective counter attack strategies consists in blocking the punch and grabbing the arm. The optimal follow up strike is a straight knee aimed at the ribcage.


When both fighters are at middle range, punches and knee strikes are the most effective weapons. Muay Korat ancestral principles teach to repel the attack (a straight punch), trap the arm and counter with a punch (see Mai Muay Korat n.1 of this series) or with a knee, like in this case.


When the opponent throws a straight lead punch, the Korat boxer parries and catches the attacking arm with a two-hand grab. The trapped arm is pulled sharply and a straight knee is simultaneously aimed at the opponent’s ribcage, liver or solar plexus.