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Muay Chaiya’s fighting strategy is based on a clever use of body weapons to attack and defend. However, Chaiya boxers have to be also expert in holding, throwing and joint breaking techniques that make them complete fighters. This Mai Muay is a brutal elbow breaking maneuver usually employed against head punches.


Breaking the elbow joint totally incapacitates even the strongest opponent. Chaiya boxers know this well and train hard to become expert in arm locks. A long training is needed to be able to apply this extremely effective maneuver in order to be able to execute it even against a good boxer.


When the opponent attacks with a swing punch, the Chaiya Boxer steps forward to close the gap and blocks the attack with his elbow. A quick arm grab must follow immediately: in this case an over hook to the elbow area. A quick hip and upper body twist must be executed without delay: the trapped elbow will be seriously damaged and possibly dislocated.