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Martial Arts have spread through the ages as a subject of men, whether for cultural or religious reasons, or for the most common reason: to believe that a woman can never defeat a man in combat. Although martial arts emerged so that weaker men could defeat stronger men using both technique and force, the word “men” almost always leaves women in the background, without noticing that the term “man” Is synonymous with “human” or “humanity”.   Even so, throughout the history they have stood out great women warriors that transcended in their martial styles and have influenced strongly in the Martial Arts; as in Thailand, there was a Great Warrior, Thao Suranar, wife of the Deputy Governor of Korat during the reign of King Rama III and it was She who managed to save this City from the invasion of the Laos Army.

Currently there is a strong woman who personally inspires me a lot: my Master in IMBA, Marica Vallone, who is currently the highest-grade woman in Combat Muay Boran (Arjarn) and Nak Su Level 3 in IMBA Muay Lert Rit; She has 20 years of martial life and she is one of the most trained women in the Art of Combat.   Nowadays the number of women who are inclined to practice martial arts is greater; every time we train, study and prepare better, and this helps the attempt to change an attitude that for thousands of years has been established in men around the world and that leave the woman in a position of disadvantage. In our IMBA Academy, we have the WARRIOR LADIES GROUP led by our teacher Marica Vallone, where we study, train and learn the IMBA Muay Lert Rit, the ancient Siamese Art of War.  

The goal of our martial practice goes far beyond the “fitness goal” that many times the marketing sells to us, suggesting only having a nice body and “specific standards of physical measures”. In IMBA, our IMBA Muay Lert Rit martial practice is much more: in addition to having a clear knowledge of the origins, tradition and techniques characteristic of our Art, it requires a strong training of all parts of our body so in a certain moment everything can work in unison, in a correct way and governed with intelligence by the most important part that we must train: our mind. This means that if we have to succeed in a critical situation, we can do it; if we have to defend our life or someone else’s at any given moment, we can defend it; it means also that if we have a great motivation it is not only to have our body beautiful and well molded, but that this beautiful and well molded body is able to act correctly, strongly and efficiently when it is required.

The conditioning of the body is a consequence of the practice of exercise, what we really need to build with martial practice are our motor skills, a special kind of force, our ability to react, our positive changes and the consciousness of ourselves and how strong we can become.   As a Martial Instructor, and as my Master has taught me in our IMBA Academy, the Bramarjarn Marco de Cesaris, and my Teacher Marica, my commitment to myself and my students is to train and train them as capable people, who are ready for real combat at any time, training intensely so that our natural weapons are as strong as possible and that way we can perfect our techniques to achieve maximum efficiency.   Our goal is to form ourselves as warriors in life and that is only achieved with daily practice, with constant training and with our own individual improvement.