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Italia, Costacciaro. 25-30 July Summer outside training in beautiful country surroundings.
This is an opportunity to train in beautiful surroundings in the countryside of Italy. You will train twice a day outdoors with Grand Master Marco De Cesaris and other IMBA groups from around the world. You will be taught new and exciting techniques whilst enjoying the warmth and serenity of the peaceful Italian country side.
This is a holiday as well as a unique experience to enjoy the art that we all love.
Regardless of level, fitness and expertise, this holiday will be a personal training experience that will resonate for a life time. It is an opportunity to explore, understand and inquire into an art that never fails to deliver on fascination and wonder. Yet, this trip is an opportunity for you to focus solely on your art whilst in the presence and under the guidance of Grand Master Marco. For some, this is a once in a life time event.
Up early for a morning run, after double espressos. The run, like anything on the trip is reflective only of what you can do that day. There are no pressures to be anything but yourself, the only demands are that you enjoy yourself and take in the experience and take out from it what you can. Then, morning techniques and afternoon techniques. In between training, perhaps read by the pool, socialize, eat or collapse in bed 🙂
The evening is dinner prepared by the campsite. Sit with friends or meet others who also have traveled internationally to train in on this trip.
Like anything in life, its up to you. This is pretty special five days.