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As a martial artist of 20 plus years when I embark on learning something new whether it be another art form or skill I need a basic structure to guide me through the learning phase before I have the confidence to embark on the true learning curve of any form of discipline. That’s just me. I’m guessing everyone is different.

When I was introduced to IMBA I felt so at home with the way Arjan Marco had structured his school and the curriculum that I felt guided in being introduced to the art form.  Learning the discipline of Muay Boran is one of my biggest challenges, why? It is so entrenched in history, it honors its own language so when learning it is like entering a whole new world, learning a new language. It takes time and discipline to be able to absorb just how complicated it is. I am still at the complicated stage of learning. I know through experience my knowledge will improve and it will at some point hopefully become a level of natural competence for me.
The IMBA family is one I am honored to be part of. More so now that I have spent some time getting to know everyone at the Summer Gathering in Italy in July 2017. Yes it has taken me this long to be able to write about it, there was so much emotion on every level whilst I was there it has taken me a while to process just how this experience affected me.
I walked in not knowing what to expect when I had decided to attend the IMBA Summer Gathering 2017.
I have never felt so welcome, it was like catching up with old family I hadn’t seen in years from around the world. It was all feeling very familiar. That is the family and foundation of what a martial arts academy is about. It is your leader and his associates that set the bar. And the bar was set very high.

I knew from the outset that Master Marco expected nothing but the best from his students and representatives. By this I mean he expected that you were present and in the moment at every session and doing your best. Stern, full of knowledge he is willing to give at any moment and ever so patience with helping you learn. Everyone was there to help me.
By setting an expectation of his representatives it ensures that the IMBA name is represented by those that are of the same standard as Master Marco. It continues to overwhelm me at times to think I have been entrusted with such an honor but I reside myself to my destiny that this is what I am meant to be doing. I will continue to learn with everyone, from others and on my own, this will never stop.

The IMBA System, the dedication and the continuous work that Arjan Marco and Arjan Marica place in the school and its students is what sets the International Muay Boran Academy apart of the rest.
As I learn more and understand more I look forward to sharing this with everyone.