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Through the years, I have been able to understand that everything requires a validation and that in turn gives credibility to what one does, says or shows and everything goes hand to hand, nothing can be made without a why and a how. Since I can remember, at a very young age I have had the great habit of practicing Martial Arts, it has been an extraordinary lifestyle in me, it has given me the ability to be disciplined and acquire inner security, in a way that I got used to the challenges and that every morning I had to be better as a practitioner, and had to spend a lot of time so that with maturity and patience I could understand why to be an Instructor, Teacher or Certified Master.

foto esami Luglio 2017 Italia The Importance of an Official IMBA Certification

I was looking for a Master, but not any Master, one with a status of worldwide technical level, and at my 39 years I found what I was looking for, someone who could direct my way into Martial Art in a different way, and understand why one should be constantly training, so I started to look for the certification that gave me the fortune of this great privilege! Now next to my Master Bramarjarn Marco de Cesaris I can feel from the first hand the importance of being a Certified Teacher, being someone who has the knowledge of the Martial Art that I practice, and that allows me to be at the forefront in this beautiful and lethal combat system of Thailand, taught only by the “Fimeu (a specialist) who knowingly and thanks to Master Marco’s great work has allowed to the great IMBA family to teach and show the true Art of Thai Combat, always promoting and teaching with technical quality to the members and students of this great family all around the world! We have learned that you cannot earn a degree if you do not deserve it, that everything must be in a correct and accurate way, using all your knowledge and physical effort, as well as the humility to be able to submit to your Master, and to be able to train correctly, not pouting your heart, or wanting to be more than others, with lucidity and character, always being respectful, thus we will be able to train students and instructors who are governed by the discipline and the courage to seek to be better to maintain an optimum technical level, always staying in constant workout, being physically and mentally strong. IMBA’s working plan is one of the biggest and best in the world for me as it has been able to reach many countries, where is practiced and taught with its method, technique, tactics and strategy to create Elite Trainers!

I had to walk a winding and narrow road to find the true way of the Warrior, I found it with my Master in a radical and convincing way, now our schools grow at a rapid pace because we follow the same line, we follow the line of credibility and honesty through certification within a Martial Art that is now known around the world thanks to a Grand Master who took the reins and set out to be the best at Muay Boran worldwide!