Chern Muay

Traditionally Chern Muay or Mai Rook was representative of an optimal system for learning and rationally using the body’s natural weapons to attack and defend.
Kao Yok Nang Chern Muay
Jak Narai 777x1024 Chern MuayAccording to the ancient Muay Boran methods of teaching, once the basic methods of using Nawarthawooth are learned and individuated, the Nak Muay should be taught how to apply the basic movements relative to the 8 main weapons to develop more complex offensive and defensive actions.
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Ramasoon Kwang Hok – chern muay, video and photos

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also known as Dragon/Snake kick. The leg follows an up and down pattern, going past the opponent’s guard reaching sensitive targets on the neck, namely the carotid artery, the area behind the ear or the upper jaw.